Murdered student’s body may have never been found if it weren’t for fishermen

The body of murder victim Libby Squire could have vanished forever if a group of fisherman hadn’t spotted her floating in the water just off the shore of Cleethorpes.

Pawel Relowicz, 25, was found guilty of the rape and murder of 21-year-old Libby after a jury of seven men and give women deliberated at Sheffield Crown Court.

The student disappeared following a night out on January 31 2019 and her body was discovered by a crew of fisherman seven weeks later on March 20.

Cleethorpes Royal National Lifeboat Institution said her body may have been "never found" if it had been "carried out on the next tide" and thanked crew who had "eyes on her throughout the recovery."

A spokesman told GrimsbyLive the crew were "driven" to reunite Libby with her family, "not in the circumstances" that they wanted, but are glad they could "help bring closure."

He said: "If the crew had not spotted her when they did she could easily have been carried out on the next tide and never found. It is all thanks to the crew of the boat who had eyes on her throughout the recovery and enabled the best outcome."

"What drives our crew is that we are re-uniting someone with their family. Not in the circumstances that anyone wants, but it can help bring closure. We feel terrible for the family but it was the best we could do."

The spokesman went on to add they were able to carry out a "dignified" and "safe" recovery of Libby's body.

Both boats "sent their heartfelt condolences" to the young girl's family and said they were happy to help "protect evidence for any subsequent investigation."

It comes after police credited Relowicz’ capture to a "ridiculous" E-fit drawn by a group of student who spotted him staring through their window.

  • Libby Squire's alleged killer 'masturbated in the street' on night she died, court hears

The E-fit was later published by police and a woman who had seen him masturbating near Newland Avenue saw it and an image of Relowicz side by side.

After Libby's disappearance, the student reported her sighting to police and officers later found a condom from the area on February 3 which matched Relowicz’s DNA

Speaking at the time of the alleged offence, one of the women reportedly told police: "I know it sounds ridiculous but the picture we have drawn – when you look at the E-fit that is the man.

"Our friend draws and he is an artist so he saw the man outside.

"He showed us these drawing and I went, ‘oh my God, that is just like that guy."

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