Mum left with ‘fang marks’ on arm after being bitten by spider hiding in towel

An unsuspecting mum was left with 'fang marks' in her arm after a spider she'd saved earlier that day bit her when she tried to grab the towel it was hiding in.

Lisanne Meadowcroft, 50, said her arm was "throbbing" after two bloody holes were made in her arm by the terrifying 3.5-inch creepy-crawly that was hiding in her towel.

The bite occurred just hours after she'd saved the house spider from being killed by her daughter.

Now, the mum wants to spread awareness of spider bites as more will be appearing in UK homes during the creatures mating season.

The mum posted to Instagram claiming she 'didn't know UK spiders could bite and draw blood.'

Speaking to the Sun, she said: "Yesterday I got in the shower as normal and when I came out, as I picked up my towel I felt something nick me.

"I jumped and the spider jumped and ran off – and it had drawn blood from my arm as it bit me. It was a huge spider.

"I had actually saved this spider the night before. My daughter wanted to kill it, and my partner didn't want to."

The mum claimed she cared more about nursing her arm than trying to find the culprit as she told the news site that it felt like an injection and continued to hurt for days after.

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She had taken an antihistamine and the pain 'became more like irritation.'

However, it seemed the spider hadn't had enough of her the first time as she saw the eight-legged insect again in her bathroom "staring" at her while she was on the toilet.

She said: "After it bit me, I was sat on the toilet yesterday night and I saw it again.

"I’m terrified. Last night after we found it I was really jumpy, I couldn’t sleep last night.

"I live in a really old castle. But when you’re in bed at night you don’t know what is running around."

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"It is currently "spider season" In the UK which tends to last from the first two weeks of September and until the first week of October.

Male spiders go into hiding all year and come out in force in search of a mate.

They may have already been living in your home but their presence is more noticeable at this time of year as they begin to wander around.

House spiders are common but can give a vicious bite when handled roughly or they feel threatened.

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