Mum killed by great white shark was restaurant owner on holiday with daughter, 5

A mum brutally savaged in by a great white shark was enjoying a holiday with her family who were on the beach when she was killed, it is believed.

Restaurant owner Kimon Bisogno, 39, had taken a break from the pizza house she ran in Cape Town, South Africa, to visit a luxury resort with her daughter, Luna, five, and the "love-of-her-life" Diego Milesi, 40.

Just before 8am yesterday (Sunday, September 25), Kimon was casually wading through the water at Plettenberg Bay when a beastly great white shark darted towards her under the cover of a wave.

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Witnesses said Kimon had only been waist-deep when the water around her suddenly “turned red” and a frenzied evacuation from the sea was launched by fellow screaming swimmers.

The inshore craft from the National Sea Rescue Institute was launched and was quickly on the scene and found Kimon’s blood-soaked body floating in the surf about 50 yards out from where she was attacked.

The instant attack was so brutal that nothing could be done to save the young mum as the lifeboat men pulled her badly bitten body onto a stretcher and returned to base.

Her body was handed over to the police and forensic pathologists will carry out a post mortem and an inquest will be held and in the meantime her family have been offered trauma counselling.

Normally great white shark victims quickly of blood loss when their arteries are severed by the razor-sharp teeth and many as a result suffer from heart attacks.

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It was the second death in the same idyllic resort in just three months and the third in 11 years and the beach was closed down and shark warning signs erected.

Last night close friend Carmin Commins said on Facebook: “I have scrolled through your page over and over again and hoping that it is a mistake.

“I don’t know how the world could let someone like you go too soon but what I do know is that anyone that you met you touched their life with your love.

“The world truly lost a bright shining light and pure soul who left happiness, laughter, glitter and kindness where ever you went.

“You were so genuine with so much love in your heart” she said.

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Another friend Gabrielle Alberts said: “Such sad news. I will remember your joyous, infectious laugh forever. RIP Kimon – too good for this earth”.

South African Kimon met the love of her life Diego on holiday in Ibiza 13 years ago and they moved in together in her native Cape Town and five years ago had daughter Luna.

Diego said on a Facebook video: “Our love story goes back 13 years. I couldn’t speak English. You couldn’t speak Italian. But we connected through cooking."

They set up the popular Fernando’s Pizza restaurant and takeaway in Cape Town but both were committed to helping out the less fortunate in life.

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A close friend of the couple said: “They worked very hard and very long hours but both of them were very away of their social responsibilities to others.

“They set up the Obs Pasta Kitchen with close friend Dina which served up delicious and literally lifesaving meals to the poor and starving every Wednesday like clockwork.

“Both believed very much in saving the planet and were hippy types who saw the best in everyone and earning money was just a means to help others.

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“They were blessed when Luna was born 5 years ago and were a perfect family and the news of her passing in such a way has just left us all in bits.

“She was such a perfect loving wife and mum – why her?” she said.

The Bitou Municipality which oversees the beach has shut down the Bay and put up shark signs and posted lifeguards to keep tourists out of the water.


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