Mum feared daughter, 2, was choking after pub served extra hot sauce on pasta

A Sheffield mum jumped out of her seat in horror when she thought her daughter was choking on her food pub during a family meal.

Chanel Palmer and her mum, had taken two-year-old daughter Haria and her brother Charlie, three, out for a "build your own pasta" meal at a Greene King boozer.

The food was brought over the table but after a few minutes her daughter started screaming and "turned bright red".

Chanel said: "We jumped up thinking she was choking and when we realised she wasn't we wondered what was going on.

"My mum thought it might be the sauce so she tried it and her mouth was on fire."

When they spoke to staff at The Sherwood pub in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, they were told Haria was given the 'hot hot hot sauce' rather than a plain tomato topping.

The mix up apparently came about because the two types of sauces were both kept in clear containers side by side in the kitchen.

"When I told the staff what had happened they brought some milk for Haria and gave us a £20 gift card.

"They said they'd just got the sauces mixed up, it was an accident and they were sorry.

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"But when I asked how this could happen, it turned out the sauces were stored side by side in the same clear containers."

Only the night going to the pub Chanel had rushed her daughter to a walk-in health centre because of her asthma, so she was even more concerned when Haria started coughing.

Chanel is now pushing for the pub owners to launch an investigation into what happened and how the mistake occurred.

She added: "I wasn't interested in getting a gift card, I wanted to ensure this was properly investigated so it doesn't happen again.

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"There didn't seem to be any consideration about how serious it could have been. What if they'd given nuts to someone with a nut allergy?"

Thankfully after some medication Haria recovered from her ordeal but Chanel was left horrified by the incident.

A spokesperson for The Sherwood pub, a Hungry Horse chain owned by Greene King, said: "We have apologised to our customer for this error and are sorry for the understandable concern it caused for her family.

"We pride ourselves on our high standards and fortunately incidents like this are extremely rare.

"We are investigating how this happened to make sure it does not happen again."

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