Mum dies after having three cosmetic procedures at once as surgeon investigated

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A cosmetic surgeon is under investigation by Brazilian police after a mum of two suffered a fatal heart attack while undergoing three major cosmetic procedures all at the same time.

Teacher Roberta Lopes dos Passos passed away days later in the ICU at the Hospital do Coracao in the city of Balneario Camboriu in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina in the early hours of Friday, 24th December.

She was 35 years old, and she leaves behind a partner and two children aged three and six.

The teacher had been in an induced coma in the ICU after she had been sent home, despite the apparent heart attack, after a tummy tuck, mammoplasty and abdominal liposuction at the Hospital Sao Jose in the nearby town of Tijucas.

Her family filed a police report the day before she died, alleging negligent bodily injury, which her plastic surgeon Sergio Keinet has denied, claiming that the surgery went without a hitch.

The police opened an inquiry on the same day, and they are now investigating the case as manslaughter.

The hospital told the news portal G1 that it "follows strict care protocols and that it monitors its patients before, during and after each procedure".

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According to grieving partner Leandro Luiz Silveira, the procedure took around six hours, after which Ms Lopes dos Passos complained of pain, later diagnosed as a heart attack by emergency medics, only to be told by the medical team that carried out the plastic surgery that it was normal.

Her condition worsened and she was taken to hospital the following morning.

It was there that doctors told Mr Silveira that his partner had suffered a cardiac arrest during the cosmetic procedures and that her condition was serious.

Ms Lopes dos Passos spent nine days in hospital before tragically dying on Christmas Eve.

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The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has outlawed some radical cosmetic operations, notably the notorious Brazilian Buttock Lift, which has the highest death rate (estimated to be as high as 1 in 3,000 operations) of all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Concerns were raised after 29-year-old Leeds woman Leah Cambridge visited a hospital in Turkey for a £3,000 butt-lift in 2018.

She died following complications during the surgery, the third Brit to die from the procedure.

A survey of 2,000 British adults found that Angelina Jolie’s eyes, J-Lo’s bottom, and Michelle Keegan’s lips were among the most desired features among cosmetic surgery purchasers.

Cheryl Cooper, patient experience manager for cosmetic surgery providers Pall Mall, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s interesting and fun to see who the British public would love to look like, and who inspires cosmetic surgery.

“The same names appeared in a lot of the lists, showing the people we’re most inspired by – mostly Kate Middleton and Cristiano Ronaldo, suggesting men want muscles and sporting ability, while women wish for classic and timeless looks.

“It’s not unusual for cosmetic surgery patients to have been inspired by other people they’ve seen, and images of famous people help them articulate the end goal they’re after.”

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