Mum brutally beaten in racist kebab shop attack on Christmas Day still concussed

An innocent mum who was subject to a vicious attack on Christmas Day by the notorious kebab shop rampager is still concussed and says she's "not the same person" anymore.

Carrie Rapson, 41, left her home to check on her daughter and was beaten up in her driveway by Anne Marie Fowler, 33.

Fowler went viral in July 2020 after she was filmed going on a rampage and shouting racist abuse at a kebab shop in Falkirk, causing £4,000 of damage.

She has been sentenced to 22 months in prison this week after admitting to the unprovoked violent attack on Rapson.

Fowler had claimed Rapson's 13-year-old daughter had laughed at her in the street, prompting the outburst.

The crazed kebab shop bruiser ran in to Rapson's house before being "ragdolled" into the driveway by her husband, Rapson told the Daily Record.

But when Rapson came outside in her pyjamas, Fowler beat her unconscious.

She was rushed to hospital, where doctors feared her brain might have been bleeding.

Rapson continued: "My daughter watched everything, all the children in the street saw – it was still early.

"People were trying to get her off me. I lost lots of hair. I was unconscious for about an hour.

"My other daughter had to keep me upright to stop me choking on the blood as I was dipping in and out of consciousness."

Six months on, Rapson is waiting for more medical checks next month and is still concussed.

She explained her and youngest daughter Daisy remain traumatised by the incident.

Rapson said: "Now we've got a security doorbell and cameras inside and out.

"I'm not the same person I used to be and I still think about it every day.

"I'm a Munro bagger and I used to walk the West Highland Way every year but I can't do that now."

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