Mum baffled by aggressive car parking note – as she doesn’t even drive

A mum who doesn't even drive was shocked to receive an aggressive parking note calling her "an idiot" and threatening to report her to the police.

Deborah Munroe, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, saw a hand-written letter posted through her letter box over the way she parks, even though she doesn't even own a car.

According to Deborah, the offending car was parked near the entrance of a cobbled back alleyway off Nelson Road, Hartshill, but it wasn't causing an obstruction.

Staffordshire Live reports the letter was delivered to her address near Hartshill Road at around 8am yesterday and read: "DONT park in entry or will report to landlord + police its against the law you idiot."

Deborah, 28, was infuriated by the letter and decided to share the note on social media to get the person to come forward.

In her post, she said: "Whoever posted this in my door, I don't have a car so you are the idiot. Please come knock back on and get your stupid note back and talk to people face to face. Whoever this is for, leave your car where it is."

Mum-of-one Deborah explained that a note had been left on the windscreen of the same car around a month earlier and has seen countless notes around in the past.

Speaking to StokeonTrentLive, Deborah said: "I honestly think they should have left the note on the person's car.

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"Either that or knock on and ask me if it was my car. I don't drive at the moment so the fact they still posted it without correct knowledge shows immaturity.

"It's a bit over the top for an adult and very childish. I'm more annoyed they've assumed it was mine and posted such a vile note."

Deborah admitted parking for homes around the area can be difficult due to the number of streets double yellow lines.

The parking problems are further caused by staff, visitors and patients of nearby Royal Stoke University Hospital, who leave their cars on the surrounding streets.

Deborah added: said: "We also get people from the houses further down which have no parking in front of them trying to park here.

"It's like probably about 20 houses trying to park at the front or squeeze down Nelson Road. I think the council has double yellowed far too much of this road."

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