Monkey takes down bloke and rips his top after he threw rocks at his pals

Footage has emerged showing the moment a monkey launched itself at a bloke and took him down after he hurled rocks at his pals.

In the bizarre clip, the man was seen bashing the monkeys with a stone he had picked up from the ground as the animals ran across the street and up a building.

The animals were seen ducking and diving away from the man as he chased them while wielding a brick and trying to whack them in an epic street fight in Utter Pradesh, India.

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However, one critter was out for revenge as it jumped on a ledge above the door and launched itself at the bloke, knocking him straight to the ground.

The monkey then scampers up the building as the fuming man picked himself up and failed to catch it.

He realised his top had been torn by the creature as he walked away, with the monkey watching him walk off.

The book seemed to get angry again and picked up another brick and appears to take aim at the monkey, before seemingly giving up.

A local source said: "The animal later fled from the place after the attack."

The news comes after a naughty orangutan made a special new friend after he groped a woman's breasts and planted a kiss on her cheek while she was visiting a zoo.

Tourist Angel Orangelor wasn't expecting to be wooed by an ape when she went to Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand last week (August 15) with pals, but left having formed a "real bond" with the shameless ape.

The animal was seen pulling Orangelor closer to him and gripping her breasts before giving her a smooch on the cheek and grinning at shocked passers-by.

The surprised woman took the encounter well, saying she wasn't bothered by the primate's wandering hands, and even smiled during the bizarre ordeal.

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