Moment Prince Charles is asked about Oprah interview – before being rushed out

Prince Charles was out and about just days after Prince Harry sensationally claimed they had a bad patch and stopped talking in an interview with TV host Oprah.

The Prince of Wales was meeting volunteers at a vaccine pop-up clinic in Brent Cross, north London today (March 9) and he seemed unflappable even though he was asked an awkward question.

Footage shows Charles at the clinic in Jesus House church and, as he leaves with his team, a female reporter asks him: "Sir, can I ask what did you think of the interview?"

Prince Charles glances backward for a moment but continues walking without saying a word.

This comes after he was alleged to be "in a state of despair" over the interview, in which his son Harry said he felt "let down" by him.

According to an insider who spoke to Vanity Fair, Charles was concerned his chance of being a "popular King" was dashed by his son's candid words.

Harry told Oprah that while he and his father are now on speaking terms they still have issues.

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"There’s a lot to work through there," he said, "I feel really let down because he’s been through something similar."

Meanwhile, a body language expert has claimed Prince Harry showed "suppressed anger" during the part of the interview where he discussed his father.

Judi James told Daily Star: "Harry’s anxiety rituals were shown in the trailers, like a thigh-rub and hand-pick but what emerged here was a much more assertive man who was more than keen to talk for himself, even touching Meghan’s hand at one point to take over the narrative.

"His signals of suppressed anger or disappointment were frequent but it was when he spoke of his father that they seemed most intense, throwing up a surprising new rift."

Prince Charles is not the only royal alleged to be taking the interview badly.

Kate Middleton's relationship with Meghan will "never heal" according to one royal expert, who said the interview was a "wrecking ball".

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