Moment Boris shakes his head in disbelief at BBC journalist’s question in Ukraine

Boris Johnson shakes his head at question about Vladimir Putin

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson looked visibly unimpressed following the question from the BBC about his personal conduct as Ukraine stands on the edge of war with Russia. The reporter then went on to question whether it was sensible to prioritise the relations with his own MPs over a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was later cancelled.

The reporter asked: “Have you done enough to survive, have you done enough to persuade enough colleagues to rescue your premiership?

“And on the issue of Ukraine, why should the international community take your diplomacy seriously when you are so preoccupied at home?

“When you put talking to MPs ahead of talking to President Putin?”

An angered Mr Johnson hit back at the comments, saying: “My focus is entirely on delivering on the priorities of the Brtiush people and they include in ensuring that we are secure in our relations with our friends and allies.

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“And that our friends and allies are secure.

“I feel there is a great deal of concern in our country about what we are seeing on the border with Ukraine and it is absolutely vital that the UK government should step up now.

“Bring together our friends and partners in the west in the way that we are, prepare the package of economic sanctions that we have.

“And the package that we are bringing forward, the new legislation, will enable us to pin point commercial interests of Russia in a very direct way.”

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He added how such sanctions will also be aimed at individual Russians’ “commercial interests”.

“It is vital that in Moscow, they understand that there will be automaticity in the way that we imply these sanctions.”

He warned “the minute” Russia go over the border into Ukraine, sanctions will come down on Russia.

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