‘Moaning’ Yorkshire Ripper was obsessed with looking like a ‘good person’

The Yorkshire Ripper was "obsessed" with wanting to come across as a 'good man' even, claims a man who regularly visited him in prison.

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe murdered at least 13 women and seriously injured even more between 1975 and 1980 across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

The twisted killer who died aged 74 after catching Covid-19 in 2020, targeted vulnerable women in red light districts, leaving those working in Leeds and Bradford in a constant state of terror others.

Sutcliffe died an inmate at HMP Frankland in Durham where he was serving 20 life sentences and believed he made pals with an unlikely visitor.

Curious Alfie James (not his real name) once sent the murderer questions in the shape of a letter which spiralled into a phone calls and then chats in Broadmoor hospital and Frankland prison.

Alfie has written a book about his many encounters and conversations with the Yorkshire Ripper and what he made of the lag as he rotted behind bars.

The factory worker said: "For my part, I was only determined to get inside the mind of one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers – a man of horrific cruelty, who was also obsessed with the idea that he was a ‘good person’.

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When asked what Sutcliffe was like, Alfie says he often replies: "He could be boring, especially if something had bothered him like the hospital had mucked up an appointment.

"He could spend an entire 15 minute phone call going on about the same thing, moaning away and not letting you get a word in edgeways."

Despite Sutcliffe's sleep-inducing rants, Alfie was intrigued by his misplaced desire for people to view him as a "good person".

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Alfie continued: "But he was also fascinating because of his obsession of being seen as a good person, despite what he had done.

"Sutcliffe viewed his attacks as only one small part of his life, a part that he was not responsible for.

"He blamed the attacks on his mental illness: paranoid schizophrenia. That meant, in his eyes, he wasn’t at fault.

"He was always talking about how he was a good son, brother and worker before his arrest, and a model prisoner and patient after his trial."

‘I’m The Yorkshire Ripper’ is published by Mirror Books and is available in paperback and as an ebook. Buy it on Amazon now.

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