MMA fighter takes on two men in wild street brawl as glam boxer cheers on

Two drunk men picked a fight with the wrong MMA fighter and were served up a brutal beating in view of a crowd of punters and a delirious glam boxer.

In viral footage filmed in Brisbane, Australia, two drunk and topless Aussies attempt to win a street brawl with MMA fighter Viktor Lyall.

Victor is of course trained in multiple martial arts and the third-ranked amateur welterweight MMA in Australia – so their odds weren't good.

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In the video that was posted to fellow fighter Bec Rodriquez's Instagram page, Viktor can be seen shouting at three people.

After the war of words ends, two men can be seen following him and begin to initiate a fight stance.

The man in the red jumper picks up a chair, which is really the worst thing he could have done, as it drew Viktor into a defensive stance – which loosely means pain is on the way.

Realising the error of his ways, the red jumpered man deposited the chair on the sideline and retreated licking his cotton.

An angry woman in pink dress shrieks at Viktor that her daddy is a bodybuilder and he'll 'flatten' him – a tall order for sure as bodybuilding is mostly for vanity.

Meanwhile, the two men keep following Viktor causing him to push a shirtless man away, insisting: "Stop following me."

The two drunk men refused and it all kicked off with blows coming thick and fast – mostly from Viktor.

After pushing a man over, he delivered a brutal kick to the other's chin, knocking him down.

Amazingly after picking themselves up the men tried again and received similar treatment before the fight was eventually broken up.

But why did things spill out of hand so aggressively?

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Well according to Rodriquez, Viktor had decided to "hand them some street justice" for an undisclosed reason.

"Not all heroes wear capes," she added.

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