‘Miracle man’, 72, survives after four-tonne motorhome falls on his head

A miracle man has survived a four-tonne motorhome collapsing onto his head after the mega van cracked his skull in a terrifying accident.

Keith Tyler, 72, had put the vehicle on a jack to fix one of the wheels when the motorhome fell down and landed on his head.

Onlooker and wife Tina watched as her husband managed to pull himself out from under their portable home before he collapsed in a pool of blood.

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Catastrophic injuries took the pensioner down, who suffered fractures to his skull and jaw, a blood clot, a ripped ear and had both lungs filled with blood.

The horror incident prompted one doctor at the time to say to Tina that Keith was "not going to make it".

But after four months in the hospital and against all odds, Keith found himself discharged from hospital in February and is now on the road to recovery.

Since February, Keith has recovered well – so much so that he managed to walk his daughter down the aisle at her Greek wedding and even managed a few rounds on the water slides while there.

Keith said: "I feel pretty good truth be told considering I had a four-tonne motorhome on my head. I know nothing more after it happened."

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Wife Tina said: "I saw it drop on him. I didn’t know what to do. I turned away and shouted for help and phoned 999. Keith was in a pool of blood. Somehow he got out from under the van and pushed himself out, probably with the adrenalin.

"His nose was bleeding and he was sort of conscious. He stood up and stepped forward and then collapsed by the side of the car. There was blood everywhere. It was very traumatic."

Keith had a bumpy recovery after his discharge in February, with another brief stint in hospital around Easter due to an adrenal gland "not working well" causing a collapse for the 72-year-old, Metro reported.

But since then, Keith has been on the up and up, with wife Tina adding: "The doctors said it will be a year or two before he reaches optimal health, though he won’t be as he was before. He's amazing, he's a miracle man."


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