Mia Khalifa makes Harry Potter confession after crying on Hogwarts Express

Ex Pornstar and Harry Potter super fan Mia Khalifa has explained how she ended up “crying on the Hogwarts Express” while her boyfriend “was throwing up in a full-on Snape costume".

In December, Khalifa and Cortez ate "chocolate mushrooms" and went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, despite the Puerto Rican singer, who performs under the name Jhayco, never having seen the movies.

The mushrooms took an effect on the pair, and they ended up in tears in front of a family.

Khalifa told Bustle: “I saw a family with a little girl, and she had Harry Potter glasses and a little pink scar drawn on and it was like, 'Oh my God, that was me'.”

She said the moment of realisation made her think of where her life is now. She continued: “And now look at where my life is. I have this incredible boyfriend who I’m so in love with, and he’s never seen Harry Potter. He couldn’t give two sh*** about it, but he’s carrying a wand with me all day long.”

The former porn phenomenon describes the singer as the only person she’s ever met “who’s funnier than me.”

“Especially after being in a dark place for so long, meeting him was life changing,” she said. “The connection we have is unlike anything I’ve ever had with anybody.”

Khalifa and Cortez met when she appeared in the video for his song with Skrillex, “En Mi Cuarto.”

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Their online exchanges in advance of the shoot had been “extremely cordial and professional,” but, in person, she said, “We both felt very, very heavy, undeniable chemistry.”

He made plans to see her the next time he was in Los Angeles and the pair have been together ever since.

In the extensive interview with Bustle, the former Pornhub actress spoke on various topics including her no nonsense attitude to subscribers gagging for her to share raunchier images.

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Mia's bio on the platform reads "Don't be a c***! Safe for work, but spicy new exclusive content every single day" which is one way of telling subscribers not to expect fully X-rated material.

Mia says she will “tell them to shut up if they complain” about her content not being explicit enough for a fan's liking.

She added: “You should have read the fine print. It says no nudity. Respect the rebrand.”

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