Melania Trump branded ‘COLD’ by viewers for stroking Donald Trump’s arm at election debate

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The first live US election debate took place on Tuesday night and ended with the candidate’s wives coming on stage to congratulate their husbands. But Melania Trump’s greeting to the president has been called “cold” and “reluctant” by online viewers.

The First Lady took to the stage after the debate was over and appeared to stroke Mr Trump’s arm.

President Trump then also stroked his wife’s arm multiple times.

But when Jill Biden walked on stage she greeted her husband with a long hug.

Ms Biden also wore a face mask as she approached the debate stage.

The contrasting embraces has sent social media users into meltdown.

The American actress Robinne Lee tweeted: “Look at how Jill Biden loves her husband and hugs him, and look how the other woman is a cold reluctant fish.”

Another viewer responded: “I actually was watching this too.

“Trump actually waved her away when she came up to him at first and then Jill hugged Joe and then he tried to match it by reaching out for Melania’s hand. What a phony!”

While another user agreed: “I noted that too!”

One Twitter user claimed the president tried to imitate the Biden’s affection.

He wrote: “As soon as Joe and Jill embrace you can see Trump whisper to Melania ‘oh we should show some kind of affection’ and holds each other’s hand.”

Some Twitter users sympathized with the First Lady and claimed “Melania is a different person when he isn’t around”.

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The next US presidential debate is set to take place on 15 October.

But before then, Democrat Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence will go head to head at the vice presidential debate on 7 October.

During Tuesday night’s debate, President Trump and Mr Biden clashed in a heated 90-minute-long contest.

Mr Trump told his competitor: “You could never have done the job that we did, you don’t have it in your blood.”

He also attacked Mr Biden’s son Hunter’s foreign business deals along with many other fiery throws.

Mr Biden called Mr Trump “the worst president” in history.

He also labelled the president as a “racist” and “a clown”.

During the debate, President Trump often interrupted Mr Biden and spoke over him.

This provoked Mr Biden to tell the president to “shut up”.

The moderator, Fox News host Chris Wallace, struggled to control the heated back and forth between the two candidates.

According to CBS, Mr Trump interrupted Mr Biden 73 times during the debate.

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