Meghan’s ‘plagued’ podcast branded ‘agonisingly painful failure’, says expert

Meghan Markle's latest podcast episode with Serena Williams has been blasted by a royal expert who believes it was an "agonizingly painful failure".

While the Duchess of Sussex is making good on her Spotify contract with a new episode of her podcast, Archewell Audio, she has been heavily criticised for the episode.

Comments from royal expert Eric Schiffer blasted the episode, titled "Archetypes", which he described as a "plagued podcast" and a display of a "cripplingly manufactured, mocked-up Meghan".

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The episode was so bad in fact that Schiffer believes it "poses a threat to the survival" of her podcast series with Spotify.

Expert Schiffer said: "Meghan seems to be on a mission to get the public to humanize her, but her plan with ‘Archetypes’ so far is an agonizingly painful failure and poses a threat to the survival of her series.

"The episode was like a busted jackhammer in its failure to be groundbreaking. The Duchess of Sussex must dig deeper into her guests and herself if she wants to save the now plagued podcast from what most will see as a death spiral.

"Many listeners want to hear the real Duchess, not some cripplingly manufactured mocked-up Meghan."

The harsh comments for Meghan come with some praise for Williams, whose guest spot on the episode was praised for "genuine authenticity".

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Schiffer continued: "Meghan’s dialogue seems like she read from deeply imprinted words seared into hardened cement.

"Serena did her best to carry the episode with her genuine authenticity.

If Meghan’s goal for the podcast is to humanize and make herself more relatable, then this round is a serious fail. The first impression of Archetypes is the kiss of death to ratings."

Ratings for the podcast are up for debate, with Daily Star reporting that the podcast had failed to chart in the Spotify Top 100 following its release.

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