Meghan has ‘finally delivered something of substance’ with Spotify podcast

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Meghan Markle's podcast has finally landed, with one royal expert saying she's "finally delivered something of substance" – but that it could also be "cloying".

The podcast episode, featuring Serena Williams, saw the pair discuss "the double standard women face when they are labelled 'ambitious' and the ripple effects this has on other aspects of their lives" as part of the former Suits actress' bid to empower women through her work.

And though the new release, which comes two years after she reportedly signed a lucrative deal with streaming giant Spotify, has been described as a "flop" by some, but one expert had a very different view.

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Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: "She has finally delivered something of substance for Spotify as she was interviewing a legend, Serena Williams, next will be Mariah Carey.

"It made interesting viewing, undoubtedly aimed at an American market and including a scary episode when she and Harry were on an official tour of South Africa and Archie’s bedroom caught fire, though she had to carry on with her schedules regardless.

"It is part of her campaign for gender equality and focused on how ambition is discouraged in women, what it is like to balance fame and be a mother and Serena's 'evolution from tennis'."

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However, he admitted not everyone would be pleased with the release.

"It will please her admirers, especially in the US where celebrity culture is popular," he added, but said "her detractors will find it cloying."

The podcast opened with Meghan describing her guest and close pal as somebody who "embodies the spirit of ambition," with Harry making a brief appearance and urging Serena to "come and see us soon".

Her podcast initially failed to make the Top 100 list on Spotify but has since risen to the number two spot at time of writing.

The release of Meghan's first podcast episode follows the news that her animated series, Pearl, had been cancelled by Netflix.

Some commentators believe this led the couple to announce their UK visit early, reportedly to the dismay of some royals, to allow crowds to gather for Netflix cameras.

The pair revealed earlier this month that they would be returning briefly to the UK for a series of charity events "close to their hearts", including attending the One Young World summit in Manchester, which will see young leaders from 190 countries come together.


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