Man who ‘tried to dig up’ dead nan caused ‘£23K in damage to graveyard’

A man allegedly caused more than £23,000 in damage to a cemetery while trying to “resurrect” his dead nan.

Danny Frazier, 34, was nicked for allegedly breaking headstones and digging holes during the failed séance at Huckleberry Springs Cemetery in Knoxville, US, on Monday, October 5, WVLT reports.

Police responded to a report of vandalism at the boneyard at around 2.30am, where Frazier allegedly admitted to causing the damage in an attempt to “resurrect his grandmother” who is buried at the cemetery, police said.

Officers said they noticed extensive damage to the cemetery, including dug up spots in the ground and broken headstones.

Representatives of the church told officers a man had stayed around the property and had been damaging the cemetery.

Officials said the cost to repair the damages would be roughly $30,000, around £23,000.

The alleged grave-wrecker was charged with vandalism and criminal trespassing.

In August this year a 12-year-old girl came back to life while her startled family were preparing her body for her funeral.

Doctors were called to the scene and began giving Siti respiratory assistance and oxygen to help her breathe.

Sadly her resurrection didn't last long and she died — again — an hour later. Her body was washed and she was buried in the Lambangkuning Village Cemetery in Indonesia.

Scientists have managed to resurrect dead pig brains four hours after the animals were slaughtered.

32 of them were collected from an abattoir and connected to a system designed by researchers at Yale University in the US.

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