Man who ran off with Ukrainian refugee ‘saving orphans but won’t see own kids’

A mum says she's been left "riled" after her ex left her for a Ukrainian refugee and vowed to save orphans despite not visiting his own kids.

Lorna Garnett, 28, has blasted her former partner Tony Garnett, 29, whom she says hasn't bothered to see their children since he left her for Sofia Karkadym.

Tony and the 22-year-old hit headlines after Lorna graciously invited Sofia into their home as part of the Government's refugee rehoming scheme.

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But the pair fell in love in less than two weeks of Sofia moving in and sparked outrage after they blindsided Lorna.

The new couple, who are now renting a place together, have since announced they plan to return to war -torn Ukraine to save "hundreds of lives".

However, Lorna has branded their plans as "laughable" and has accused Tony of prioritising refugees over his two kids.

The mum, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, told The Sun Online: "It riles me a bit, he hasn't seen his kids in 3-months… What about helping his children?

"He needs to put his kids first before helping anyone else in Ukraine.

"He just hasn't been bothered to contact them. It's laughable, absolutely laughable."

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Lorna claims Tony has had a restraining order issued against him after he allegedly hounded her with abusive messages.

It was advised that a child arrangement order should be put in place for him to see his children.

Tony responded to the accusations and said: "If I go to even ask to see my kids or even go near the house – I will get arrested.

“She said the plans are laughable because I want to help people that are fleeing a war zone and there are children dying?

"My kids come first before anything else.

"I would do anything for my kids but I cannot see my kids because of her lies."

Lorna, who doesn't work, has also accused the dad of failing to send child support – which he also denies.

She added: "How he thinks he can go over there and save lives and yet there is an army our there doing that is beyond me.

"How one man can do it on his own is beyond me – it's nuts. Good luck to him!"

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