Man in underwear escapes jail 4 times – dislocating shoulder to weird door hack

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A man who was compared to the likes of Harry Houdini, managed to escape prison by dislocating his shoulder, spitting on doors and slithering out in his underwear.

Yoshie Shiratori was dubbed the "man that no prison could hold" after his four breakout attempts saw him evade guards several times.

He was initially accused of murder and robbery and was sentenced to Aomori prison.

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But three years later he picked the lock of his handcuffs with a bathing bucket wire and fled.

His life on the outside was short-lived after cops captured him three days later and then slapped him with a life sentence for the escape – he was also punished for allegedly stealing hospital supplies.

He was then transferred to Akita prison in 1942 but became restless and somehow managed to climb the smooth walls of his cell so he could reach the air vent.

Yoshie carried out the act every night until he managed to unhinge the vent to remove himself, reports Breaking Asia via Medium.

However, the inmate made the strange decision to head to the home of a police officer, who was believed to be the only person who treated him with kindness at his previous prison.

But the officer eventually had to hand him in, which led to Yoshie losing his trust in the police.

He was then transferred for the second time to Abashiri Prison, which was located in Northern Hokkaido, and was known to house Japan's worst criminals.

It was reported that the Abashiri Prison Museum highlighted his escape with a figure after he broke out of his cell in just his underwear.

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He had several unusual methods to break free, with another being his plan to spit miso soup on the door frame of his cell.

The clever convict knew that the salts and moisture would corrode and weaken the door frame, so carried out the act every morning and was again, successful with his attempt.

On August 16, 1994, Yoshie found the perfect opportunity to escape in the midst of the wartime blackout and dislocated his shoulders.

The criminal squeezed himself out of the miniature space on the metal frame where staff would slide him his food.

He hit headlines again for his escape and was sentenced to death by Sapporo District Court. The escape artist was then assigned six armed guards and was watched for 24 hours per day.

Authorities didn't want to be embarrassed by another escape so they put Yoshie in a cell which was designed to prevent anymore incidents.

As time went on, he had become more fatigued, but that didn't stop him from giving it one last try despite the new security system.

In a bid to dodge execution in 1946, Yoshie unlocked the bolts that held together the wooden floorboards and used a food bowl to dig his way out.

He was free for an entire year, but guilt started to riddle his emotions after a police officer offered him an expensive cigarette.

Yoshie then confessed that he was an escaped convict and offered to be turned in by the cop.

He was tried again by the High Court of Sapporo, who highlighted that he hadn't harmed any guards during his attempts.

They ruled that they would revoke the death penalty decision and instead issue him with a 20-year sentence in jail.

The inmate requested to serve his sentence in Tokyo and spent his last days in Fuchu Prison until 1961 when he was offered parole.

Over 10 years later, he made his way to the Aomori so he could reunite with his daughter so he could share his extraordinary life story.

A decade after the reunion, he sadly died from a heart attack in 1979.

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