Man has kept his hand raised for 45 years – and doesn’t plan to lower it

A man has been raising his arm for more than 45 years, and he doesn't plan to stop because of his dedication to his faith.

Amar Bharati left the world stunned after he was pictured with his arm raised strongly holding a stance with his fist in the 1970s.

He was a married man with three children, who worked in a bank, but in 1973 he decided to ditch his modest life in the name of world peace.

He decided to dedicate himself to a Hindu deity called Shiva, and in a bid to show his devotion he came up with the idea to lift his arm and to keep it positioned that way.

"I don’t ask for much. Why do we fight between us, why is there so much hate and enmity between us? I want all Indians to live in peace," he previously told History of Yesterday.

"I want the whole world to live in peace."

Bharati spent the first two years of his quest in pain but after that, it slowly started to ease as he eventually lost all sense of feeling in his arm, reports Lad Bible.

But due to several decades of holding the same position, it would take him a lot of time to bring his arm back down next to his waist because of the loss of circulation.

Some users on Quora believed that it wouldn't be possible, while others said even if he could it would cause him discomfort spiritually.

One person said: "You would likely cause Mr. Bharati a great deal of pain, not only physically but spiritually as well, as he believes that his eternal salute promotes world peace.

"As the bone structure is still intact, the arm would likely not snap like a twig but rather sunder at a joint, where cartilage has dried and receded.

"Basically, you would break his arm, but maybe not in half."

Another user commented: "I don't think that he would be able to use his arm again due to the fact that the blood circulation in his hand would have become very less if not completely stopped and thus all the vital tissues would die."

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