Man climbs inside Amazon box ‘bigger than a house’ to find tiny spade inside

A bemused comedian opened a delivery box "bigger than a house" to reveal only a small snow shovel was inside.

Dazza – known for his legendary "Does It Fry?" videos and a stint on Come Dine With Me – was stunned to see a tiny spade arrive at his home from Amazon inside an enormous package.

The 25-year-old from Glasgow, also known as Darren Dowling, captured the experience on camera and shared it with his fans online, as reported by The Daily Record.

In an entertaining social media clip, which has gone viral, Dazza even climbs inside the cardboard box and said it could be used as a "new house".

He opens saying: "We've all seen big delivery boxes on Amazon but this is ripping it – look at the size of this thing man."

Using both arms he lifts the gigantic container before proclaiming "this is bigger than my house, I swear to God."

Dazza finally finds his small snow shovel at the bottom of the box – which was of little use to him given the snow had melted the previous day.

To show the size of the huge container he even climbs inside and says he could live there, with the packaging as his insulation.

Dazza has plans for more box-based stunts and hopes the next order will push the boat further.

He said: "I want to buy something that they will need to send in a mental-sized box, I'm not quite sure what yet.

"Maybe a sandpit to go with the shovel? I'm open to DMs about what I can buy though."

This comes after an Amazon Ring doorbell caught a "ghost" on camera – leaving the family who lives in the house "freaked out".

And parents have complained about Amazon Alexa telling kids to take part in a dangerous prank involving plug sockets.

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