Macron delivered hammer blow as poll finds Le Pen ‘more in tune with daily issues’

Macron hammer blow as Le Pen 'more in tune with daily issues'

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Journalist Caroline Connan discussed the poll results which were gathered after another debate between Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron. Ms Connan discussed the voting results and spoke about Ms Le Pen’s controversial policies involving immigration. Ms Le Pen claimed 70 percent of the vote, due to some French people claiming that their standards of living had dropped dramatically since the start of Mr Macron’s Presidential run which began in 2017. With the final vote-off taking place this Sunday, both Presidential candidates have been pulling out all the stops to secure crucial votes.

Ms Connantold Bloomberg TV: “There was one poll which came out after the debate, about how convincing the two were during these 2.5 hours of prime time television.

“And it said that 59 percent of the French Russia debate though Emmanuel Macron was the most convincing.

“However she was considered more attune with the daily issues of the French.

“And also she was actually considered more worrying with her proposals, especially on Europe, on immigration or banning the headscarf in public spaces.

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Ms Connan added: “Which Macron said will provoke a civil war.

“So a lot of punchlines on both sides, clearly Marine Le Penn was more prepared.

“More composed, more comfortable than last time in 2017 where she had a very bad time during that last race with Emmanuel Macron.”

Lots of Ms Le Pen’s policies on head covering and immigration have been slammed by French politicians and citizens alike.

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Some political commentators have claimed that this could help Mr Macron win voters, who disagree with these far-right policies in the final round.

But some are against Mr Macron, A Melanchon voter Faiza, 44, spoke to from Paris.

Originally from Pakistan, and now in France facing unemployment, she explained that she would rather stay at home on Sunday than give her support to  President Macron.

Faiza said: “When they speak they speak very well but in practice the reality is different.

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“We need social housing, the situation is bad. Le Pen doesn’t want us (foreigners) here, so we don’t really have a choice on Sunday.

“I voted for Melanchon, I’m disheartened. I’m going to abstain on Sunday. Macron can’t be my choice.

“My husband might vote for him but he will not have my vote.”

Some political commentators have also explained that Mr Macron could be at risk of voters who previously voted for candidate Jean-Luc Melanchon, choosing to abstain from voting for him on Sunday.

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