London snow: Excited residents in the capital wake up to first snow of 2021

London: Snow seen falling in Leytonstone on New Year's Day

The light snow shower was detected only in some parts of west and south London, with some residents in the northern parts of the capital hoping to enjoy some white views out of their windows soon too. Temperatures have fallen to -7C in some parts of the country overnight, with Scotland seeing the worst of the freezing conditions on New Year’s Day. But some Londoners welcomed the festive surprise as they woke up to 2021. 

One resident wrote on Twitter: “The joy of waking up to light snow on New Year’s day.”

And another: “What a lovely start of the New Year. Bit of snow started falling here in London.”

Plenty of excited window watchers rushing on social media to announce the snow, but others were less keen. 

One said: “Oh my, it’s snowing in London. But like really tiny almost invisible squint hard just for show type snow.”

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