London named one of top Pornhub-loving cities in the world – see full list

The most popular cities to watch PornHub has been revealed in a brand new sex report which has ranked a city in England in joint first place.

The jaw-dropping research was carried out by LookFantastic in a bid to discover how the world's perception of sex is changing in 2022.

London and Paris came in at the top, which may have come as a surprise for both of the places, especially Paris which has been dubbed as the city of love by many.

PornHub has been searched 4,090,000 per month by people in both of the cities.

America was branded as "the most sexually aware country" and saw two cities swipe joint-second place with a staggering amount of searches.

Los Angeles and New York took the spot with a high volume of 3,350,000, the report said.

In third place, was Milan, Italy, which was followed closely by Sydney, Rome and Houston.

Russia, known for being conservative, also actually ranked in the top 10 most sexually aware countries, LookFantastic's report revealed.

The report read: "When it comes to PornHub and perhaps putting these self-pleasure toys to use, London and Paris are the sites’ biggest fans.

"Each month, they both rake in a staggering 4,090,000 searches for the site.

"Following closely behind is US cities, New York and Los Angeles with 3,350,000 monthly searches.

"Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne also rank in the top 10 PornHub hotspots, alongside European cities Rome and Madrid."

The report also issued a warning from a sex expert in tech who said people should be careful when accessing porn.

Cameron Long-tel, from intimate lifestyle company LELO said: "If you watch a lot of porn, you can become desensitised because your receptors start to be unable to differentiate between performance and reality."

The top 15 sexiest cities

  • London
  • Melbourne
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Sydney
  • Toronto
  • Adelaide
  • Queens
  • Birmingham
  • Brisbane
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow

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