Lilibet name could be ‘cynical ploy’ by Harry and Meghan, claims expert

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A royal expert has suggested Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to name their daughter Lilibet after the Queen's nickname could be a "cynical" ploy by the couple.

Newspaper columnist Sarah Vine also claimed she had been contacted by readers who thought it was a "shameless" act by the couple to "stamp the royal name" on the tot.

Harry and Meghan's daughter, who was born on June 4, was given the name Lilibet Diana after Harry’s grandmother, aka Her Maj, with a nod to his late mother.

And there are plenty of others who remain convinced it was nothing more than a sweet gesture inspired by the Duke's love for his grandmother.

But Vine, speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, said it "felt cynical" to her.

The Sussexes live in California after announcing their decision to step down as senior royals in January 2020.

In recent months a rift has developed after they criticised the royal family in bombshell interviews.

Discussing their choice of name for their daughter, Vine told the podcast: “I was really surprised. I expected them to have Diana, as Diana is so important to Harry, but I did think Lilibet was very odd.

"It is the Queen’s nickname – it isn’t even a proper name really – and it just seems such an intimate nickname as well.

"She was called it by her uncle, grandfather or father because she couldn’t pronounce her own name and Prince Philip used it for her.

"I honestly think it feels quite cynical. I’m sorry, I just really think it felt quite cynical. A lot of people – a lot of readers – emailed me to say they thought it was really shameless that they had done this almost to stamp the royal name on this child’s head, however much they fell out with the family.

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"I think a lot of people feel on the back of what they have been saying about the Queen – I mean this is the same Queen, Lilibet, is the same Queen who apparently was a lousy mother, who passed on her lousy parenting skills to her son who then became a lousy father who was unsympathetic to Diana, who was unsympathetic to the plight of Meghan. Then you go and name your child after her. It seems very odd.”

The choice of Lilibet has also seen as a sign of affection towards the Queen, but Vine said she had doubts.

“I absolutely would love to think that is the case but the trouble is we’ve seen how these two have behaved over the past year or so and my gut tells me no," she said, while wondering why they hadn't used Doria, the name of Meghan's mum.

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"I thought Doria would have had a look in. She has been a huge support to her daughter and it would have been amazing for her to have that name. Diana Doria sounds quite fun – DD,” she said.

“Archie doesn’t have an obviously royal name – he was named when they were in the fold, now they are a bit perhaps worried about their currency, their royal currency, being depleted.

"They’ve now given this child a name which isn’t just associated with Elizabeth, it’s Lilibet – no one else in the world apart from the Queen is known as Lilibet."

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