Lavish life flaunted online by ‘unemployable’ gangland widow living on benefits

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A gangland widow who once lived a life of luxury is now set to spend the rest of her life on benefits after her criminal links left her "unemployable".

Roberta Williams is the spurned former wife of late gangland killer Carl Williams, who was bludgeoned to death in 2010 while serving a 35-year sentence for the murder of three people and conspiracy to murder a fourth.

And the widow, from Victoria in Australia, is no innocent bystander, having spent 18 months behind bars in 2004 after she pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking charge.

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Now a County Court of Victoria has lifted a gag order forbidding the media from publishing details of her more recent criminal activities, and it has since been revealed she faces accusations of blackmail and battering a TV producer.

As recently as July, Williams found herself once again in the prison dock of Melbourne County Court, where it was learned she will need to rely on welfare payments for the rest of her life after becoming 'unemployable' thanks to her life of crime.

The court also heard Williams was 'broke' – a far cry from the posts on her social media page that show her looking glam alongside friends and family in luxurious locations.

In May, TV producer Ryan Naumenko contacted Williams to pitch a reality television series about her life to her, but the court heard Williams turned on him after he promised her up to $50,000 AUD (£28,600), which he had raised through GoFundMe to launch the 'Mob Wives' style show.

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Accompanied by her entourage, Williams saw Mr Naumenko robbed, beaten and threatened at gunpoint.

Fearing he was trying to scam her, the court heard Williams told her mate to "kill the c***" in the assault, which lasted three hours.

Williams menacingly warned Mr Naumenko he was fortunate the mob didn't kill his mother and children, who had been at the site of the attack only shortly beforehand, the court heard.

Williams told the court that the proposed TV show, which was canned with extreme prejudice, would have featured an impoverished housewife caring for her autistic child – a claim County Court Judge Fiona Todd believed, and seemed to have sympathy for.

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The assault fetches a five-year maximum prison sentence in the Australian state of Victoria, while blackmail, another charge Williams faces, carries a 15-year maximum.

However it seems evident now that Williams will walk free on a community corrections order – and won't even have to do a day of community work.

Although her sentencing is set for August 26, the presiding judge has already told the former mob wife that she won't go to jail.

The lenient sentencing may in part be due to her unemployability, and the fact that her 11-year-old son Guiseppe, born to another convicted killer Robert Carpenter, needs round-the-clock care from his mum due to his disabilities.

Williams' longtime barrister, Emma Turnbull, told the court: "She's Roberta Williams. She's entirely unemployable."


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