Laughing Taliban soldiers ride bumper cars in Kabul theme park after invasion

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Armed Taliban soldiers have been filmed laughing and joking on bumper cars in a Kabul amusement park just days after invading the Afghanistan capital.

The invasion by the militant group has led to a mass exodus of residents trying to escape the country – with tragic consequences as several died at Kabul airport yesterday (August 16).

But the Taliban have claimed there will be a “peaceful transfer of power” and there will be no attacks on those already living in the country.

As they get to grips with their new position of power, footage has shown soldiers enjoying their freedom by visiting an amusement park.

The clip shows people laughing behind the camera as smiling troops – some carrying guns – crash into each other in the bumper cars.

Another video sees soldiers riding a children’s merry-go round filled with brightly colored horses – again sparking laughter from those watching.

Taliban fighters have been patrolling the Afghan capital since Monday after their blistering offensive in the country ended a 20-year war.

President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan on Sunday as insurgents captured the city and raided the presidential palace.

“The Taliban have won with the judgement of their swords and guns, and are now responsible for the honour, property and self-preservation of their countrymen,” Ghani said afterwards.

The Taliban invasion comes weeks after US and UK forces withdrew from the region.

US President Joe Biden has been widely criticised for the move, while many politicians have admitted they were caught by surprise by the speed of the militant group’s attacks.

Fears continue to rise across Afghanistan and the wider international community over whether the Taliban will instill it’s infamously brutal regime – including public executions and stoning.

Locals took drastic steps to escape this week, with footage capturing them clinging to the side of a US Air Force plane before it flew off.

Another video then appeared to capture people falling to their deaths.

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