KFC’s savage jibe at Boris Johnson and Tories hailed ‘best tweet of all time’

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KFC's social media team has earned plaudits on Twitter for a savage jibe at the outgoing Prime Minister.

The fast food giant responded to today's news of Boris' departure by recreating a meme they were tagged in by the Conservative Party mocking Jeremy Corbyn three years ago.

Back in September of 2019, the Tory party tweeted a photoshopped picture of the then-Labour leader wearing a giant chicken suit.

The picture also included the rebrand "JFC" along with the tagline "totally spineless chicken."

The official Conservatives Twitter account tweeted the poster to KFC UK stating: “ Hey @KFC_UKI we’ve found an even bigger chicken than you”.

At the time the account responded ruthlessly responded stating: “This is KFC, not LBC don’t @ me”.

Now three years later their social media team has hit back at the party. This time with an image of their own.

Today they tweeted the image of Boris, in the same chicken suit – but minus the taunting tag line. It was captioned: “Hey @Conservatives, fixed it for you”.

The tweet has gained thousands of interactions, with many finding the unprompted jibe hilarious. However, not everyone is happy and some have vowed to boycott the colonel.

One user tweeted: “Revenge is a dish best served deep fried with secret herbs and spices.”

A second declared: “The Twitter admin needs a raise. A lot of Brits will now buy KFC just for this tweet, I know I am”.

“This has got to be a contender for best tweet of all time”, a third user said.

Another said: “You held onto this for 3 years, Massive respect”.

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“The missus brought steaks home for tea but after this, the steaks are going in the fridge for work and we're getting a party bucket. Well played” one man joked.

However, not everyone saw the funny side to their post. One user tweeted: “Sort your chips out before trying to get at the PM lads”.

“As a chicken shop that ran out of chicken, I can’t help but feel you shouldn’t throw stones,” another said.

A third simply added: “That’s me not eating KFC anymore”.

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