Joe Biden approval rating: US President on dangerous trajectory that could rival Trump

Joe Biden says he’s in ‘good shape’

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The US President has fallen from grace in recent months after a strong start. Following his inauguration in January, Joe Biden’s approval immediately surged above the highest Donald Trump had ever achieved in his four years in the Oval Office with 56 points. Now, however, he is in range of his predecessor’s lowest – indicating he could face a tough time if trying to stand for re-election in 2024.

The latest data from FiveThirtyEight, which collates polls from hundreds of sources, shows his support remains well below 50 percent.

As of November 23, he has a total approval rate of 42.9 percent, with little sign of improvement.

His rating has slipped considerably over the last few weeks and is now closing on Donald Trump at his lowest popularity.

Towards the end of his term, the former President counted on the support of just 38.6 percent of his fellow Americans.

In his current place, Mr Biden is 4.3 percentage points within range of this.

And his latest pace could see him close the gap before he enters his second year in office.

Most Presidents hope to keep their approval rating around the 50 percent mark for their respective terms.

But Mr Biden’s hasn’t seen that happy medium since August this year.

He last managed to hit the 50 percent mark on August 13, meaning he has forfeited eight points over the last three and a half months.

His current rate of decay, assuming it holds, could mean he falls another four points to 38.9 percent by early January.

As such, his second year could nearly match Mr Trump, who finished his first year on 38.7 percent.

If this happens, they will have arrived at the same point after taking two very different paths.

While Mr Trump ruffled feathers in Washington during his first year, Mr Biden has struggled to get his Build Back Better plans off the ground.

Over the last year, both chambers of the US legislature have blocked aspects of his agenda.

The Democratic infrastructure bill spent months in limbo while awaiting approval, which it only recently received.

That sluggishness has meant Americans aren’t yet feeling the results of the record-breaking $1.2 trillion (£8.98 trillion) investment.

Some analysts feel it came too late, however, and this is punishing the Democratic Party.

Representatives were dealt a crushing blow during the recent gubernatorial election in Virginia, which Republican Glenn Youngkin swept earlier this month.

Democrats also narrowly avoided defeat in safe seat New Jersey during its governor race at the same time.

As the party loses its purchase, Republicans stand to gain, keeping Mr Biden’s approval rate pointing down.

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