ISIS fanatics ‘eaten by lions’ as animals attack terrorist hideout in Mozambique

Islamic State terrorists were subject to a gruesome death in Mozambique after they were mauled to death and eaten by wild lions and crocodiles.

The conflict with pro-government forces was over multi-billion dollar gas reserves in the area of Cabo Delgado.

Labelled ISIS-Mozambique by the US, the ISIS-linked insurgents were had killed people and burned down homes in Cabo Delgado before being killed by wild animals.

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Four jihadists who were involved in the recruitment and radicalisation of people were captured, according to Mozambican forces.

Bernardino Rafael, local police commander, said that some of the terrorists were attacked by wild animals while others died after being struck by gunfire.

"Some of them died having been hit by bullets from our forces and others due to attacks by animals like snakes, buffaloes, lions and even crocodiles," he said, The Times reports.

He added: "They are dying from gunshot wounds… Many of them [were] wounded by our weapons. But even animals also contribute to the death of the Islamist insurgents".

He further added that the population was to bury some of the jihadists who had died while others had their bodies eaten by the animals.

The liquified natural gas (LNG) reserves worth billions of dollars that Cabo Delgado possesses had led to escalating violence since 2017.

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The struggles the area has suffered means the EU have confirmed that they will provide more support to an African military mission in order to lessen their reliance on Russian gas.

There have been at least 24 countries that have sent soldiers to assist Mozambique who have an army involved in peacekeeping operations as deaths in Cabo Delgado continue to rise.

Deaths in the region have already surpassed 4,000 while almost a million people have been displaced from their homes due to the conflict.


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