Investigators identify man murdered in 1988 Sheridan

Homicide investigators in Sheridan have positively identified a man who was murdered more than three decades ago.

The victim, who was known as John Doe since 1988, was 36-year-old Akram Bada’an, investigators said at a Wednesday afternoon news conference.

Bada’an’s body was found in late August in the 2800 block of West Oxford Avenue, said Det. Bryan Penry.

Cold case investigators have “given the victim his name back,” Penry said. Now, investigators hope that someone with information about Bada’an will come forward and help with information that could lead to his killer.

Identifying the victim is a “first step” in the case, Penry said.

Bada’an is of Middle Eastern descent and his family was traced to Israel as part of the ongoing investigation.

Audrey Simkins, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation cold case analyst, said the CBI has been involved in the Sheridan case since 1989. In 2020, a review based in part on DNA analysis and techniques, lead investigators to focus on Israel. Family was contacted and the positive identification established.

Chris Wilcox, senior chief deputy district attorney with the 18th Judicial District, said cold case investigators are tireless in their pursuit of justice.

“It’s important that the community and victims who are waiting for justice know we will not stop looking for the people responsible for committing heinous crimes like murder,” Wilcox said.

Anyone with information on Bada’an, or the case, is asked to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867 (STOP).


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