Instagram model left with horrendous injuries after being attacked after party

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An Instagram star was left bloodied and bruised after being attacked in her own home when she refused to let a man stay over.

Model Yasmine Celcilla shared horrific snaps of her facial injuries on Tuesday after she was punched and kicked in the face, because she says she wants to raise awareness of violence against women.

She says she was hospitalised for two days following the assault – which left her with a broken nose, concussion and a swollen shut black eye.

Further pictures she posted show how her apartment white walls left flecked with blood following the brutal assault.

The influencer, who has 406,000 followers, said she was having a party and afterwards when one of the guests refused to leave he became violent and rained punches down on her.

She said: "At the end of the party I wanted everyone to go home but there was one person that didn’t wanted to go home because he wanted to sleep at my place.

"He was sleeping on the couch so I woke him up and told him that he needed to leave. He acted confused and instead of going home he went straight to my bedroom and locked the door.

"I was getting scared because he was still at my place so I kept telling him that he needed to leave. He opened the door and went to my living room again, I started to yell at him that I really wanted him to leave.

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"Then he lost his shit and punched me in the face multiple times, I immediately felt that my nose was broken and couldn’t do anything to protect myself.

"He kept punching me als I fell on the ground, as I was laying on the ground he kept hitting and kicking me all over my body. I was so scared when all the blood was dripping of my face."

She then summoned strength to crawl to the apartment hall and get her neighbours to call the police.

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She claims her attacker then came and sat in the hallway and told her it was her own fault because she wanted him to leave.

Following the horrific ordeal she has decided to take a break from social media.

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She continued: "I was in the hospital for two days, my nose is broken, I have a concussion and my eye is fucked.

"I feel like shit but still so lucky because this could end up much worse.

"I want to tell all my girls that we need to stand together and be strong."

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