Inside rotting and abandoned ‘time capsule’ cinema with ‘old school’ posters

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A "time capsule" cinema and its deserted halls have been captured on camera by a group of urban explorers.

"Old school" posters and rotting seats can be seen on display at the decaying Danillo building in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Photos give a glimpse inside the abandoned picture house, which launched in 1937.

The cinema has been off-limits to the public since it was abandoned 15 years ago, its insides covered in broken glass, asbestos and rotting floorboards.

LeicestershireLive reported a security grate was recently removed by the building amid concerns somebody may have broken in. Explorers were warned to stay out of the dilapidated cinema.

A police spokesperson warned that breaking into the former cinema and sports bar was "very dangerous" and those who attempted to do so could suffer a "serious injury" and even face prosecution for criminal damage.

They said: "This type of activity can be very dangerous.

"Not only could they potentially face prosecution for crimes such as criminal damage but they could easily sustain serious injury and our advice would be to not engage in this activity."

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Known previously as The Danilo, then the Cannon and later the All Bar Sports bar, the venue now has wear and tear both inside and out.

Flooring is being eaten away by damp and wood rot and inside is scattered with broken glass, asbestos and loose nails.

The Danilo opened with 1,250 seats, two dressing rooms and a small stage before reopening as the Essoldo, a three-screen cinema in 1973 later becoming the Cannon.

This recent incident is not the first time the abandoned building has been broken into.

In 2017, officers found four men inside who had gained entry through a broken window and claimed they were there "purely out of interest".

Police issued a warning on social media stating that officers had to risk their own safety, along with a deployed police dog, to investigate.

Urban explorers have tried to get inside and document the building on online video-sharing platforms. One person managed a few snaps of the derelict building.

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