Incredible moment people step in to stop men stealing bikes in broad daylight

A group of park goers have been praised for confronting four alleged bike thieves and stopping them from cutting chains off bikes in a London park.

In the now-viral video taken by a member of the public, a group of bystanders is seen standing on the footpath by the parked bikes where a masked man is trying to grab one.

One other man, who is seen wearing a blue and white camouflage military-patterned jacket, approaches on a bike with a yellow angle grinder on his hand.

"Move! Move!" He yells at his friend before driving away with another man.

While several park goers are trying to stop him from taking the bikes away, the alleged thief tries to walk past the group and snatch the bike from behind.

But he is stopped and confronted by a bystander.

Other members of the public step in and try to get hold of the would-be bike thief who later flees the scene.

The post read: "Today 3pm In broad front of 100s of people, these 3 scum bags…started cutting the locks off bikes with an angle grinder.

"Thank god for the people that stepped in (they didn't get away with any bikes this time!)"

The video has since been shared to different Facebook groups where viewers condemned the behaviour of the group and praised the public for helping out.

One said: "It’s good to see some community spirit. I really think it’s the only way we can all stop the serious levels of crime going on in and around our park and community."

"They are acting like hyenas," a second wrote and a third added: "Disgusting."

An eyewitness said there were more people helped out at the beginning when the group cut the locks with the angle grinder but many were scared of getting attacked.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police told Daily Star: "Police were called around 15:00hrs on Sunday, March 21, to Victoria Park to reports of four men trying to steal bicycles.

"Before officers arrived, members of the public intervened and no bikes were stolen."

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