Impatient dog desperate for a coffee barks at worker to ‘hurry up’ at drive-thru

A husky dog has left viewers in stitches after being filmed making "complaints" at having to wait in the long queue at a drive-thru restaurant.

Nico the impatient pooch poked his head out of the passenger seat's window when his owner pulled up at the order counter at The Human Bean coffee shop in Eugene, Oregon, US.

The scene was spotted by a family member who runs the Mohawk Valley Farm and Ranch and was shared on their TikTok and Instagram page.

In the footage, Nico hangs half his body out and lets out a long howl as if he is complaining of the long wait.

A woman is heard giggling and says: "This dog in front of me is so excited for its coffee, I'm dying over here."

When they move up the queue, the desperate husky puts his front leg out and bobs his head while trying to have a conversation with the staff.

The worker tries to get the order from its owner but is interrupted by Nico's constant howl.

After a long wait, the worker returns with a "puppucino" and a cup of coffee for the owner.

The husky quickly dips his head into the drink, which is basically a cup of whipped cream.

Viewers were left laughing in tears when they saw how Nico enjoyed his drink.

One said: "There are coffee addicts, then there are puppucino addicts."

Another mocked: "He's like 'give me my puppucino now I'm speaking with your manager!'.'

A former coffee shop worker commented: "I used to work at this stand! The dog's name is Nico, and he is absolutely the best customer hands down."

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