Impact’s Kaz challenging for belt that ‘defined’ career at Bound for Glory

Impact Wrestling's own Frankie Kazarian has said he is after the belt that "defined who I was" at the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV.

The legendary wrestler, who performed frequently under the in-ring name "Suicide", is set to challenge Mike Bailey for the Impact Division Championship, a belt Kazarian has held five times before.

Heading to Bound for Glory (a PPV Kazarian "didn't think" he would appear on again) to fight for the title gives professional wrestler a chance to chase the belt that "defined" his career.

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His match against Bailey at Bound for Glory, which Kaz described as coming "full circle", can be viewed by UK audiences on the Fite.TV network.

Speaking to Daily Star on his upcoming title fight, Kazarian was full of praise for his opponent, saying: "Mike Bailey is a guy that embodies the spirit of the X Division. He's doing a wonderful job as champion. He's an exciting, explosive wrestler."

But Kazarian, part of the "old regime" of wrestlers associated with the belt, hopes to "reclaim my throne".

The historic belt means a lot to Kazarian, who said: "It's my first major singles title that I had in my career for a major wrestling company.

"I won my first one in 2004 and I held it five times. For a lot of years that belt and that division defined who I was."

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Kazarian, who said added he was "blessed" to have the opportunity to challenge for the belt, said he enjoyed the "old dog coming back" narrative that had sprouted from his rivalry with Bailey.

He said: "I still love every second I'm in a professional wrestling ring and I love getting in there with guys who I have yet to get in there with. This Friday at Bound for Glory is no exception."

The five-time X Division Champion spoke highly of his influences too, listing legendary in-ring performer Tito Santana as his "very favourite".

Speaking of Santana's influence on his career, Kazarian said: "I gravitated towards guys that the guys that were maybe not the biggest, but who I thought were the best wrestlers and early on certainly was Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart and Curt Hennig.

"Certainly when Shawn Michaels broke off and became a singles wrestler, him and Brett, I was borderline obsessed with those guys. Their matches were the foundation for why I wanted to do this.

"I do embody that spirit, those guys that were labelled as underrated, even late on guys like Jerry Lyn and Lance Storm and Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson, maybe not guys that were in the world title picture, but those are guys that I was entertained by.

"I'm very lucky to call a lot of those guys friends now."

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