‘I knew I was adopted – I never knew I was a princess from a real royal family’

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A woman who was adopted as a young baby has revealed she was completely oblivious to the fact she came from a royal family and was actually a princess.

Princess Sarah Culberson, 46, had been adopted by her parents in West Virginia, USA, when she was just a baby.

Neither Sarah nor her adoptive parents had any idea that she was in fact from a royal lineage in Sierra Leone in West Africa, with ties to the Queen and the Royal Family in the UK.

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Finding out the details of her past proved tricky and heartbreaking for Culberson, who found out her mother had already passed away before she was able to get in contact with her.

Despite being reluctant to contact her father, Culberson hired a private investigator when she was 28 in the hopes of finding her father in Sierra Leone.

She said: "I wrote a letter. I mailed it to Maryland, which is where they said my birth father was, but it was my uncle."

He called the soon-to-be princess and said they were "so happy you have been found" and asked Culberson: "Do you know who you are?"

As it turned out, Culberson was part of a Royal Family, with her uncle explaining her grandfather "was knighted Justice of the Peace by the Queen of England."

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Her uncle added: "You can be chief someday. You are a princess in this country."

The response appeared to overwhelm Culberson, who said: "I was literally thinking: 'What in the world is he talking about?' This is a little bit overwhelming."

Culberson eventually spoke to her dad, Joseph Konia Kposowa, who said he would be delighted to meet her.

He told her he didn't know how to get in touch with her after she was put up for adoption.

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She reassured her father he had nothing to apologise for as she revealed how great her US upbringing had been.

Arriving in Sierra Leone, the princess said: "It was beautiful to be welcomed and loved. It was so spectacular. It's given me purpose. It's given me a whole other level in my life."

The 46-year-old was said to have received a full royal welcome which included dancing and signing.

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Now, Culbertson, who uses Instagram to document her journey under the name "iamprincessc" is living the life of royalty and giving talks and speeches on her journey.

Her family is currently working to improve education levels and also run a non-profit providing improvements to public health, Tyla reported.

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