Horror moment woman pulls pants down and squats for ‘pee or poo’ on live TV

A woman left TV viewers speechless as she brazenly stripped down on a beach to soil the sand beneath her.

CNN's camera operator was quick to react the unbelievable scenes unfolding behind correspondent Sarah Sidner as she broadcast live from a beach in Los Angeles, California, US.

Such was the sudden change of angle, Sarah was used to block out the desperate beachgoer who appeared to be caught short.

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"We really are reaching a pinnacle of civilization," one sarcastic observer of the clip remarked.

What the nature of her business was, thankfully remains a mystery but one thing news viewers could agree on was that it should have probably been saved for the privacy of a toilet.

Viewers found themselves struggling not to be distracted from what was intended to be a report on coronavirus cases spiking in America.

Rather than focusing on Sarah, the sight of a woman marching into the background armed with plastic bags stole the attention of many in August, 2020.

The beachgoer then appears to lower the plastic bags followed by her own trousers and underwear to carry out her business on live national television.

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Sarah's colleague in the CNN New York studio somehow manages to keep a straight face throughout.

As well as the camera angle being adjusted, Sarah looks to have been told to take a small step to her right in an attempt to shield viewers from the antics behind her.

One person commented: "Next to a public walking path? C.L. Ar5ey stuff, darlin', although, it may have been for the benefit of the cameras."

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Another joked: "When you've gotta go, you've gotta go."

A third person begged the question: "Could it be just a subtle criticism of news reporting?"

One reader however made a more alternative observation, likening the behaviour to that of a dog. They added: "I blame dogs, ever since people dressed their dogs in human clothes, feed them like humans and treat them like humans, the dogs have taken on characteristics of humans and obviously vice versa, if you want to act like a dog people at least have someone follow you with a plastic bag to pick it up."


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