Horror as Alton Towers guests forced to climb down 65ft Oblivion rollercoaster

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Guests at Alton Towers were in for a shock when their thrillseeking day of rollercoaster rides was put on hold with a 65ft climb down the side of the infamous Oblivion coaster.

Revellers and thrillseekers were stuck on top of the terrifying rollercoaster on the same day the UK recorded its hottest day in history.

Attempting to enjoy the Staffordshire-based theme park became a bit of a nightmare for those stuck 65ft in the air aboard the Oblivion rollercoaster as temperatures rose to nearly 40C.

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Theme park fans were stuck not just in the blistering heat but at one of the highest peaks of the Oblivion rollercoaster.

Alton Towers' park boasts the Oblivion ride, a petrifying rollercoaster that drops thrillseekers 180ft down into an underground tunnel.

One person took to Twitter to share a photo of the ride and gave a rundown of what happened when the ride got stuck.

Dean from Twitter said: "An Oblivion shuttle has stopped at the top, I’m sure the magical bottles of water will be straight out in this heat."

Water was provided to revellers, with Dean providing live updates on the situation as it unfolded, LADBible reported.

Dean wrote: "Evacuation procedure has started, the yellow fences are out on the break run. Preparations are underway to evacuate the riders from the shuttle at the top, clearly the ride cannot be re-started at this point in time!

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"Guests are now being evacuated from the top, they have remained safe throughout the evacuation, with bottled water provided, and a harness to walk back down to the ground!"

Speaking to the Daily Star, a spokesperson for Alton Towers said: "The ride performed exactly as it is designed to do.

"In line with our well-rehearsed procedures, guests were assisted from the ride and were immediately given water, food, hats and all left happy to continue on with their day at the park. At no point was guest safety compromised."

They added that guests had been assisted off of the ride in 11 minutes and that rides across the park are paused for various reasons as part of a normal protocol in day-to-day operations.

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