‘High risk’ paedo who wants sex with kids made legal due for release this month

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A twisted monster diagnosed with "paedophilic disorder" is set to be released from a Thailand prison on a strict set of 62 conditions.

Bradley Pen Dragon, 62, who is being released after 13 years for sexually assaulting a girl, has spent more than half his life in jail for a string of crimes including holding a knife to a woman while she was putting her child in their car.

He has been serving time in a West Australian correctional facility more recently for looking up child abuse material on the internet, with a Supreme Court ruling he would be released subject to 60 rules.

The WA District Court heard Dragon spent almost five hours on a public computer at a backpacker hostel in August of 2017.

Among the terms he searched online were "pre-teen porn" and "child incest".

When questioned by police, Dragon denied searching the sickening material.

"These things just keep popping up when I use the internet," he told officers at the time.

Judge Hylton Quail didn't accept Dragon's explanation for his depraved behaviour, before going onto describe the offending as 'brazen.'

"Some of the material, albeit animated, … is horrifying," he said.

He was deported to New South Wales before moving to Perth, where Dragon continued to offend.

The convicted paedophile was sentenced to five years behind bars for holding a knife to a mother, before he was locked up again for looking up the child abuse material just two days after being released.

He used a computer at a Northbridge backpacker hostel to access the twisted imagery.

Dragon has been diagnosed with 'paedophilic disorder' of the non-exclusive type.

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He previously told a psychiatrist that 'much of the society doesn't agree with laws relating to the restriction of access to pornographic material about children or sexual contact with children, and much like homosexual relationships, this may be something which is legalised in the future'.

The 62-year-old has been waiting for a Supreme Court decision since completing his time in December 2021.

They were deciding whether Dragon is still considered 'high risk and serious offender', with Justice Larissa Strk saying he could be released under a strict set of 62 conditions.

Dragon will be placed under a 10-year supervision order that includes him being electronically monitored, lives at a specified address and is subject to a curfew.

He will also have to provide verbal or written accounts of all of his movements and banned from having any contact with a child under the age of 18 unless approved.

The 62-year-old will have to undergo counselling, including anti-libidinal treatment, after he agreed it was a good idea.

Dragon also told the court he would be willing to undergo physical castration, but a psychiatrist insisted there was no clinic in Australia who would offer such an operation.

WA's Shadow Treasurer and spokesman Steve Thomas said releasing Dragon was 'absolutely worrying' and said the government should be taking a harder stance on repeat offenders.

"I think we've developed to a stage where we're quite soft on law and order issues these days, and it's time for a far bigger focus on holding people responsible for their behaviour," he said.

"I absolutely believe that a tougher on crime approach and going back to making the punishment fit the crime is where we want to see this government and this society go."

Dragon is set to be released from jail in mid-June.

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