‘He is hopeless!’ Nigel Farage rips into Joe Biden and warns Trump is nearing return

Nigel Farage slams Joe Biden as 'completely hopeless'

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Nigel Farage took a swipe at US president Joe Biden, saying that he is not fit for purpose to lead a country with nearly 330 million people. Americans showed their growing disapproval of Mr Biden and his leadership in a poll done by ABC News, with 69 percent of participants unhappy about the inflation and 64 percent disagreeing with his immigration policy. Mr Farage warned that Donald Trump is stealing a march ahead of the next elections and is clearly breathing down Mr Biden’s neck to succeed him.

And after witnessing the Americans’ enthusiasm for Mr Trump in Texas on Sunday, he forecast a return to the former president is anything but unlikely.

Mr Farage suggested Mr Biden is “alienating” his own historical voters with his ill-advised strategy and Mr Trump testing out the field for a potential comeback to the political stage in 2024.

He told Sky News Australia: “Joel Biden is completely hopeless, he is not up to the job in any way.

“The Democratic Party is being dragged towards the hard left.

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“And in doing that they are alienating tens of millions of their own traditional voters.

“So we’ve got the midterms [elections] coming up in November.

“It’s a massive opportunity for the Republican Party.

“And maybe worth noting that Donald Trump did a rally in Texas on Sunday and the crowd was enormous.

Joe Biden smiles as reporters are herded out of oval office

“So Trump very much in control of the Republican party!”

And if Mr Biden’s popularity is in free fall, Mr Farage noted his vice-president Kamala Harris is faring even worse.

Mr Farage said: “Biden’s approval ratings very low!

“Interestingly, his vice-president Kamala Harris’s ratings are even lower, there you go, you put the left in power and they make a complete mess of it.”


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In the recent ABC poll, a majority of respondents also showed their dissatisfaction with how mr Biden is dealing with crime issues [64 percent], the economy and Russia [both 56 percent].

And he has also been slammed for anticipating the future nomination of a black woman to the supreme court which all but rules out any hopeful white or multiracial candidates.

He said: “The person I will dominate will be someone of extraordinary qualification, character, experience, and integrity.

“And that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the United States supreme court.

“It’s long overdue in my view, I made that commitment during the campaign for president and I will keep that commitment!”

Mr Biden was accused of racism and discrimination on multiple occasions prior to being elected US president.

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