Harry’s memoir will ‘bomb’ and ‘destroy his career’, body language expert claims

Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir could do more damage to his own career than to the Royal Family, a self-proclaimed "body language expert" has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex plans to release a book about his life this year, but according to one YouTube expert, it could be "such a bad idea for his career".

Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language Guy, has posted a new video detailing how he thinks the book may ‘backfire’ on Prince Harry and titled the upload as “Why Harry's Memoir Will DESTROY His ‘Career’”.

Speaking on his YouTube channel where he has more than 275,000 subscribers, Rosas said: “If Harry publishes his book, it is going to bomb, badly.”

He goes on to talk about the three essential points for a memoir, which he believes are the public must connect with you as a person, tell a good story around a real conflict and to give a powerful message.

Rosas believes Harry is now stuck at “square one” when it comes to connecting with people and he advised him not to attack the Royal Family again “if he knows what’s best for him”.

Both Harry and Meghan Markle made shocking claims in their sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in March last year.

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They claimed a royal made comments about Archie’s skin colour, and also discussed Meghan’s suffering mental health while working as a member of the Royal Family.

Rosas added: “This looks like a regular vanity project. A book made just to stroke the ego of the protagonist.

"That is not bad in itself, but in this case it’s going to be very costly, and I’m sure a catastrophic mistake for Harry’s career. Whatever his career is about.”

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In the video, he also compared Harry’s memoir to over celebrities and stated how the public would struggle to relate due to his royal status coming through blood rather than working towards the status.

He said: “That makes it so much harder for people to relate to him because 99.99% of this world doesn't have the opportunities that he had since he was born.”

The Duke of Sussex's book is due to be released in late 2022.

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