Harry ‘disgraceful for not backing Charles after The Crown over Netflix deal’

Prince Harry "disgracefully" refused to protect his dad Charles after he was portrayed in The Crown as a cheating husband because he has a lucrative deal with Netflix, a royal expert has claimed.

Netflix’s The Crown series has led to plenty of debate on its take on the Royal Family as it blurs the lines between truth and fiction.

So much so that the question was even raised in the UK parliament that it should come with a warning to point out that it is fiction but Netflix argued that this was not necessary.

Charles’ reputation was seen to have suffered in the eyes of royal fans as he was portrayed as the cheating husband of Princess Diana in the fourth series of The Crown.

And royal author Howard Hodgson feels that Harry could have stepped in and made it clear The Crown was fiction and so protect his dad from the backlash – but he didn’t do it due to his own Netflix deal.

Mr Hodgson told the Express that Harry had behaved "disgracefully" in not backing Charles over The Crown.

He said Harry should have made it clear "what a complete, inaccurate load of tosh The Crown was".

Howard continued: "If I had been Prince Harry and been on Oprah Winfrey, and someone had written this complete load of rubbish, character assassination, about my how my father was, or how Camilla was I would have been very happy to take that opportunity and just kill it.

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"But he didn't. Obviously, he got the amount of money that Netflix is paying him in mind.

"[Netflix] just said everyone knows it's just fiction, but that's the problem – people don't know that it's fiction.

"And I think The Crown is vastly more damaging than, say, a cartoon version of Prince George. I think The Crown is damaging because people do think it is factual, and in fact, it's absolute nonsense."

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Harry has been critical of the Royal Family since moving to the United States and he has made regular attacks in the media.

He claimed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he needed to break the chain and ensure that he wasn’t brought up in the way that he had been which was seen as taking a swipe at Charles.

The Duke of Sussex told a James Corden interview that The Crown was "fictional" and "loosely based on the truth".

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He pointed out that it gave viewers a "rough idea" of what it was like in the Royal Family.

Harry added: "I am way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing stories written about my family or my wife."

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