Harry book deal ‘starting gun for brutal Palace civil war’, warns royal expert

Prince Harry's announcement yesterday of a tell-all memoir means the Sussexes' war against the Royal Family is far from over, a royal expert claimed.

In an op-ed for NewsAU royal commentator Daniela Elser said the book news is the "starting gun" in a new conflict between Harry and Meghan and the Palace.

The new "civil war" was stoked by Harry's surprise announcement, which reportedly took Prince Charles by surprise.

Harry teased that his book will be the voice of the "man I am" rather than "the prince I was".

Palace figures already fear further damaging revelations after Meghan's explosive Oprah interview shook the royal family earlier this year.

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Elser wrote: "It would be very, very tempting here to point out that the man Harry has become is a WFH father-of-two; an untried, wannabe TV producer who enjoys riding his bike and reading the works of Brene Brown, and who has only ever (previously) been employed by the British state.

"If Random House is giving out book deals to blokes with this calibre of credentials then other Deadmau5-loving, late 30-somethings with family issues are in with a shot too!

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"But there is a much bigger learning here, to co-opt some California-lite lingo, which is that the announcement of this book equates to the starting gun being fired on a new and brutal chapter in the Sussex vs palace civil war."

Elser added Harry and Meghan have rocked the royals to a greater extent than Charles and Diana in the 1990s – and with potentially more serious consequences.

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She said: "For a while there, it was possible that Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview fitted this same paradigm.

"Angry, hurt and with a burning need for the world to understand what had driven them to walk away from the palace, they unburdened themselves for hours in front of TV cameras in a sort of postmodern, mass-media purging.

"They could toast their success with a green juice and then get stuck into making the earnestly dull content they have committed to for their corporate lords and masters, Netflix and Spotify.

"As if.

"Today’s book news dashes any hope that this might come to pass and only confirms that all of their ‘truth-telling’ verbiage of the last few months is only a taste of what lies ahead."

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