Harry and Meghan risk ‘war’ with Royal Family over plans for new Oprah interview

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle risk a "war" with the Royal Family if unaired clips of the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview air, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sat down with friend and U.S. chat show host Oprah in February to discuss life after Megxit and what being a member of the Firm was like.

In the interview, Meghan made a series of allegations directed toward senior Royals, including that Kate Middleton made her cry and a member of the family asked Prince Harry about the colour of Archie's skin prior to his birth.

The claims shocked the world and Buckingham Palace was forced to speak out, labelling the revelations as "concerning," adding that the family would speak privately about the matters.

Australian Royal reporter, Peter Ford, has now suggested Oprah could soon release a "director's cut" of the interview, which would put Meghan and Harry "at risk" of going to "war" with the family.

Speaking on the Sunrise show, Mr Ford said the world's "appetite" for the couple is "insatiable" and said a "director's cut" with "a lot of the stuff that never made it" could soon air.

He also urged the couple to "decide" whether they want "freedom," a new "life," or a "war with the Royal Family."

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Mr Ford said: "The appetite for Harry, Meghan and Oprah seems to be so insatiable that the word is now they are looking to put together like a director’s cut, using a lot of the stuff that never made it first time around.

“There comes a point when Harry and Meghan have got to decide – are they looking for their freedom? Do they want to create a new life? Or do they want to have a war with the Royal Family?"

The said added it is looking like the latter, adding that the couple may not be able to say no to CBS and Oprah Winfrey if the organisation chooses want to air the footage.

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He said: "Because that is more and more what it’s looking like.

"What would be a really interesting scenario is if Harry and or Meghan think, no, we actually don’t want any more of this to go to air.

"But Oprah says, ‘Well, it’s mine, I own it now. I think there is 40 million bucks more to be made out of this’. So watch this space!"

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