Halifax police charge bus driver under Nova Scotia’s Blind Persons’ Rights Act

Halifax police have charged a Halifax Transit bus driver after the man allegedly denied a blind man and his guide dog access to a bus in January.

Police say that on Jan. 28, a 58-year-old Lower Sackville man and his guide dog were denied access to a bus parked at the transit bays in the 1900 block of Barrington Street.

Myles Charles Horton, 55, of Lantz, N.S., has now been charged with violating Nova Scotia’s Blind Persons’ Rights Act for allegedly discriminating “against any person with respect to the accommodation, services or facilities available in any place to which the public is customarily admitted or the charges for the use thereof, for the reason that he is a blind person accompanied by a dog guide.”

If found guilty of the offence, the Halifax Transit driver faces a fine between $500 and $3,000.

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