Guernsey schools to reopen fully from 8 June

Guernsey schools will reopen to all students five days a week from 8 June, the States has announced.

The full reopening is an escalation of the move to allow primary students to attend two days a week.

The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture (ESC) said “appropriate measures” will be established to safeguard “health and wellbeing”.

Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink advised there was no longer a public health reason against reopening.

The move comes alongside the announcement of plans to further ease lockdown early.

Dr Brink laid out public health measures needed for schools to reopen, including:

A guidance document will be sent to parents and carers on 1 June, the committee said.

Nurseries and preschools can allow children to return from 1 June, as long as they have submitted plans and received approval to do so, and childminders will be allowed to reopen to all families, ESC said.

The College of Further Education will also be open from 1 June.

ESC president Matt Fallaize said: ‘We know some parents and students will have concerns and feel anxious about returning to school.”

The committee has asked schools and the Education Office to take a “considerate and supportive” approach to attendance, Mr Fallaize added.

He said. “We do not encourage parents to keep their children out of school, but we also want to respect parents’ wishes at this difficult time.”

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