Groom tied to tree and sprayed with shoe polish and wasabi in sick wedding prank

A groom was found strapped to a tree and doused with shoe polish in a "vulgar" wedding prank.

In a now-viral video shared on Douyin, the best man seems to be having fun humiliating the groom on his wedding day.

The husband-to-be, who dresses in a white shirt and suit trousers, is wrapped in clear tape and tied to a tree in the street of Zhoukou city, central China's Henan province.

While facing towards the tree to avoid getting his identity exposed on social media, his friend mercilessly sprays him with shoe polish from top to bottom.

Another man pours wasabi and throws fermented tofu at him.

It is unclear how the groom is taking it but he is seen covered in oil stains and food residue.

A nearby street cleaner stares at the group while looking at the mess they made around the area.

The video has since sparked backlash on Chinese social media as viewers blasted the "vulgar and violent" wedding rituals.

One said: "This looks like a revenge to me, it's not even funny."

Another commented: "That's way too much and I don't think the younger generations are into these vulgar rituals. Speechless."

"Are you sure they're friends?" a third wondered. "It's the groom's wedding day after all."

The pranks, commonly known as wedding hazing, is an ancient Chinese tradition aimed at expelling evil spirits on newlyweds' big days.

But the practice has gone out of control in recent years with a number of violent incidents reported.

Brides and grooms were fallen victim to public humiliations and even sexual innuendo.

Earlier this month in Mexico, a wedding guest nearly drowned when she was pushed into a pool along with the bride.

She was seen raising her hand before the bride went over to pull her out of water.

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