Greek who murdered Brit wife Caroline Crouch ‘will never see his daughter again’

A murdered British mum's evil husband will never see their daughter again, her family has vowed.

Babis Anagnostopoulos has been sent to one of Europe's worst jails after admitting to killing 20-year-old Caroline Crouch as she slept in front of their baby daughter in Greece.

The 34-year-old pilot who also killed Caroline's puppy, denied murder but was found guilty of premeditated murder, animal abuse, perverting the course of justice and lying to authorities at a court in Athens.

As he serves his 18-year sentence alongside some of Greece's most violent criminals at Korydallos Prison, Caroline's dad David Crouch is confident he will become a "broken man" behind bars.

He told the Daily Mail: "No amount of prison time can ever bring back my beautiful daughter but I am just gratified that the court didn't believe the scurrilous nonsense that he produced during his testimony.

"I am further gratified to know that he will serve his time in Korydallos Prison, the toughest prison in Greece which has one of the worst prison systems in Europe."

He said that many believe Anagnostopoulos will not survive his jail term, but said if he does he will be "a changed man, a broken man, far older than his true age".

Mr Crouch, 79, continued that he and Caroline's mother Susan can carry on with their lives with granddaughter Lydia – whose name will be changed.

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He said: "I intend to change Lydia's name to that of her mother so that she will never be associated with this odious creature."

Mr Crouch said he will ensure the killer pilot never gets to see his daughter again, or has any contact with her.

Before his guilt was announced to the public, prosecutor Eugenia Stathopoulu, said the evidence indicates he killed the mother of his child in cold blood.

The prosecution argued that Anagnostopoulos had covered his wife's mouth with his hand and her face with a pillow while lying on top of her – leading to a drawn-out and "torturous" death.

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According to coroners, Caroline was "tortured" as Anagnostopoulos held his hand over the unsuspecting Brit's mouth to stifle her cries and covered her face with a pillow and suffocated her.

It took her a horrifying five minutes for her to die, they add.

He then placed their 11-month-old daughter next to her dead mother, killed Caroline's pet dog Roxy "to make the crime more credible" and tied himself up before calling police in a bid to fool authorities into thinking the Brit had been murdered in a bungled break-in.

For the next 37 days he covered up the crime speaking of his grief and even attending police line-ups of possible culprits.

The prosecutor said: “His aim was to confuse authorities and he won 37 days [of freedom].

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"If there is one common trait to all his crimes it is that the accused underestimated the intelligence of others."

Police eventually caught up with him when data from the pilot's mobile – revealed that he had been walking around the maisonette when he said he had been tied up.

Investigators also gleaned key evidence from the Brit's smart watch, which proved she was asleep when the suspect started choking her and also how long it took for her to die.

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